Improving television one show at a time

A friend of mine has watched all of the television there is to watch, and seems bored with the current offerings, so I proposed a few of my own ideas. I'd like to bring the rest of you in on the fun, too, so I've copied and pasted part of the email below (and I added a line or two after reading them again):

Let me propose a few new shows for the coming year's lineup. Most of them are right down your alley, with a twist:

"Slowlane" - Matlock (Andy Griffith) and Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) team up as two aging crime fighters who belong to a special division with unlimited access to cars older than them, microwaves they don't know how to operate, and those little pill cases with a compartment for each day of the week.

"Found" - The pilot opens as the passengers of a recently crashed plane find themselves on a seemingly deserted island. Soon, the Coast Guard pulls up and brings them all back home, where they decide to meet on a weekly basis to watch the now-defunct TV show "Lost". "This is retarded," says Charlie Sheen's character. "I'm glad this didn't happen to us," says James Franco or Patrick Dempsey. Someone from Grey's Anatomy says, "Let's watch that Kardashian show instead. It makes more sense."

"Unsurvivor" - Contestants are placed in strait-jackets in a padded room. He who dies first wins. Occasionally, all of them are administered poison, and they compete for immunity---i.e. the losers get the antidote. Each new season, a new, exotic location is chosen in which to place the underground, windowless, padded room. Hosted by Joe Rogan, or maybe Tyra Banks.

"Two and a Half Dudes, One Cup" - I'm not quite sure how this one is going to work out.

"Hu$tle 2: Ke$ha is Who She Is" - A series based on the true story of the greatest con ever played. Improving on Brian Warner's Marilyn Manson money-making scheme, a girl becomes unfathomably famous by writing the worst songs ever played on the radio that somehow pull on the heartstrings of americans who don't know any better.

Stay tuned!

Does anyone else have any other "good" ideas?

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