One more time, on atheism

I don't want to sound like a broken record, but each day I think of a more precise--or at least different--way to make my main point about atheism. Today's version:

Let's assume that one of atheists' goals is political power. I don't think this is far from the truth; if they didn't want political power, we can just forget this entire discussion and let them preach ungodliness. Let's also assume that atheists want to use this political power to change society so that important decisions align closely with the scientific method. That is, they want laws and rules based on actual evidence and logical, provable conclusions.

If these assumptions are true, then atheists have done their cause an incredible disservice by excluding from their ranks the huge number of rational, logical, considerate, and tolerant god-fearing individuals among the voting public. Even a loosely affiliated church-going scientist would not label himself an "atheist" nor align himself closely with an atheist organization. There are many like him, and atheists have not only made him feel unwelcome, but have on occasion insulted his beliefs. In fact, it leads to polarization just like in the purely political world, where the moderates don't know which way to turn. Atheists could claim the voices and votes of passive theists, but instead some of them are alienating even agnostics and passive/weak atheists by speaking so loudly against belief and its institutions.

It's fine to debunk religion, but when it comes time to actually get something done, those people who politically promote science--and science alone--need to leave "theism" out of the main discussion and out of their name.

Side note: There is more evidence that some atheists still say that gods "almost certainly" don't exist and evidence that they have forgotten where the word "atheist" comes from at this Blag Hag post. The author's post itself is secondary evidence, but in the comments I posted after "Craig's" somewhat misled statements. I posted under the name "Brian". It seems like defending these opinions of mine is becoming my new pet project. Don't feed it after midnight.

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