The Avatar Post, in 3D!

Here's my rundown of which three dimensions were included in James Cameron's Steve Austin of movies, which I saw last night:

The Three D's explained

D #1: The plot, the characters, the dialogue, the script. They were all one-dimensional.

D #2: The cinematography and visual effects. They were very good.

D #3: The cinematography and digital effects. They're worth at least two dimensions.

Overall, it was a fun movie to watch. I'd recommend it to all IMAX enthusiasts, since IMAX fans aren't concerned with what they're watching as long as it looks cool.

People who enjoyed these movies might also enjoy Avatar (and why):


RM said...

Fern Gully: The Last Rainforest is a dope flick.

YOU have seen Pocahontas but not Fern Gully?

I refuse to see Avatar.

fbg said...

Actually I haven't seen either of the two cartoons.

Avatar wasn't bad; it was for me more of the theme park ride than a film.

Andy G said...

Have you heard that they are remaking Debbie Does Dallas in 3-D with digital effects? Think about it...