HEADLINE: Avatar "Unoriginal" Says Local Woman

Chatanooga, TN -- Jane Tripsec, a tax accountant, was entertained, but not impressed by James Cameron's recent film release, Avatar, which had a budget of over $400 million.

"I mean, the special effects were good, I guess, but that story has been used a thousand times before," said Tripsec. "I can't believe they had all that money but didn't spend any on an original script. It was the most expensive film of all time, for God's sake!"

Concerning the digital animation, Tripsec said, "Yeah, of course it was good. And it looked real. I was wearing those 3D glasses, and everything looked so real. I jumped a bit when one of those hand grenade things came flying out of the screen. But the script was totally unoriginal."

"Those floating mountains were cool," Tripsec added, "and all of those glowing plants and crazy animals and stuff. I sort of want to take a trip to that planet, you know, if it really existed."

Tripsec commented that, despite the awe-inspiring scenery and effects, her overall impression of Cameron's latest blockbuster was negative.

"The story is the same as that of [Kevin Costner's] Dances With Wolves [1990]. It's so unoriginal."

When asked whether she thought Costner's film was better, Tripsec responded, "I've never seen it."


The Avatar Post, in 3D!

Here's my rundown of which three dimensions were included in James Cameron's Steve Austin of movies, which I saw last night:

The Three D's explained

D #1: The plot, the characters, the dialogue, the script. They were all one-dimensional.

D #2: The cinematography and visual effects. They were very good.

D #3: The cinematography and digital effects. They're worth at least two dimensions.

Overall, it was a fun movie to watch. I'd recommend it to all IMAX enthusiasts, since IMAX fans aren't concerned with what they're watching as long as it looks cool.

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