The Supper Club

Miles Fisher is a new favorite of mine. I know I don't normally have favorites, especially people, but I've taken to putting the label favorite on anything I can plausibly defend my affection towards, and of which I have not yet had enough. I've lowered the bar for favoritism, you might say. But Miles Fisher deserves it.

My introduction to him came through the omniscient website Facebook, when a friend sent me the video for the Miles Fisher cover single This Must be the Place, which I wrote about here.

Only a few days later, I recognize him as a new character (not sure if it's recurring) in my current favorite TV show, Mad Men.

Then, I make the obligatory rounds, when you discover something new: I found Miles Fisher on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, and his personal web site. Now I'm in the Miles Fisher loop. Keep in mind I hardly know anything about the guy, but I love a couple of things he's done, so I'm fully prepared to drop my fanship at a moment's notice if something goes awry.

Then I read this article, which Miles Fisher posted himself on Facebook and elsewhere, and I'm not sure how to interpret it. He himself calls the article "a bit silly" (Twitter, Sept 8th), but what else could you write, when people pay $5000 per year to be a member of a highbrow fraternity for grown-ups?

The organizer of the Supper Club has the right idea. This kind of thing was popular in Anna Karenina's 19th-century Petersburg and Moscow, and there's no reason it shouldn't be popular today. People like to belong to something, and even more than that, they want to belong to something meaningful, or important, or both. Belonging to something, no matter how superficial the connection you share is, people open up a bit more when there is a connection, and even more than that, when someone else says this person is worth knowing.

And, practially speaking, this would be a very good way to branch out. The planners take care of the arrangements, and the art of what I can only call "Society" conversation. (I think it's also an awesome sociological study.) Think of it like Facebook, except without a computer. Computerless Facebook, where only cool people are invited. You could spend hours online looking for people who do things you are interested in, or you could pay a woman to sit you next to someone interesting at a friendly dinner. It's a closer connection, without the desperation. I'd do it, if they'd let me in.

Seriously, I am constantly on the lookout for people who are interesting to talk to, or who do something that interests me, either personally or professionally. If the Supper Club planners do it well, I'd be meeting "good matches" a couple of times per month. My current modus operandi is to write random people on Facebook and wait for them not to write me back. I guess they don't want to meet people, or they think I'm weird.

If I'm going to turn the conversation to me, which apparently I am, I'd like to think that if you plop me down at a dinner table with the Miles Fishers of the world, I'd fit right in, if you bought me a new suit first. And come to think of it, is that the problem? I mean, I can talk, film, art, music, literature, food, wine, Europe, ballet, whatever. Do I not look the part, maybe? Have I not done anything great enough yet? Or is it about the money? There's no way to know, really, or, rather, it's obvious it's a combination of all of them. And you have to be lucky, and know people.

Some people are really good; some people are really lucky. I can't help but think that I'm not that far away from Miles Fisher and his Supper Club, but I can't prove that. It's not even that I want to be like him, either; I just envy his accomplishments and his access to the lifestyle and resources that I would like to have. I don't like being excluded from anything.

But keep doing your thing, Miles. I'll be there some day.


astropixie said...

i've never seen mad men, nor do i know anything about miles fisher. but i like the photos on his blog. thanks for the link!

fbg said...

I thought it was an interesting blog, too. No words; just cool pictures.

Annie UhOh said...

The Supper Club sounds awesome, but I'm rather more focused on the yummy Miles! First off, great name, right? Second, he's got a kind of Tom Cruise (without the ick)/Christian Bale thing to him. I like.

fbg said...

My thoughts exactly.