Random thoughts

The city of Vienna is considering banning "Bermuda Shorts" from public swimming pools, because they apparently soak up 2.5 liters of water (liter-a-waters) per person per day, which is a lot more than Banana Hammocks, Sausage Slings, and Pickle Packers. Sorry, America; there will be no swimming for you in Vienna. It's a Speedo or nothing.

The number of people I can smell as they walk by me in a subway station (for example) increases exponentially with the temperature.

Lance Armstrong may have given up his chance at winning the Tour de France yesterday, principally by being a good teammate and riding in support of Alberto Contador. Check out an awesome analysis of what happened here.


THE KRIS said...

the "sausage sling" pick was scary enough, i can't imagine how bad the "pickle packer" one is that it has been "forbidden".

fbg said...

Sorry, Kris. I found basically the same image somewhere else, and put the link in. Don't worry; I don't think it's as bad as the other one.