I need to read Nietzsche

I really need more time to read. Aside from my love of [nearly] anything fiction [but not genre], I sometimes go about trying to learn something specific from the things I read. I usually aim for the big stuff: philosophy, physics, psychology, etc. Most of this stuff is hard to get through, at least when compared to fiction, even if I do learn a bit in the end.

To get to the point: I haven't read Nietzsche (but he's on my reading list, and I downloaded his eBook onto my iPhone) but I really feel that I need to. You see, I'm a nihilist. (Give me the money, Lebowski.) Or, I haven't found a better alternative yet. That is to say, I am finding it increasingly difficult to find meaning in anything. The only meaning I can justify at the moment is found in people. I value my friends, family, and even strangers, but it's hard to say why. Do I value them because it makes me feel good? That's what, I presume, nihilism is about.

So, here's a quick challenge to you well-read individuals out there. I have read in some synopsis somewhere, that Nietzsche provides an answer to the nihilism he is credited for conceptualizing. What is it? Is there inherent meaning in something, or do we simply have to distract ourselves from the unpleasant truth?

For convenience, you may avoid clarifying that religion and public service fit the bill as distractions. I've already ruled out these possibilities as being "The Answer", since each of them must must have begun with an honest belief, or else you just end up fooling yourself.

And, I already know that the answer is not within myself, or else I wuld have found it by now. It must lie with people, or at least my relationship to them.

Are there any Nietzsche fans out there?

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