I'm feeling like a charity case

Sometimes I like to take a break from receiving and do a little giving, before the "holiday season", nonetheless! Maybe I'm feeling motivated by the lack of respect for other human beings I witness on a daily basis, coupled with the devotion by certain people of time, resources, and effort to help out those in need and do the world at large a favor.

At the current moment (but probably not for much longer) I see no better way to help out my fellow man than by donating money to prostate cancer research (no, I'm not donating directly to prostate cancer) on the request of a very good friend of mine who is growing a mustache for the occasion. The occasion, need it be named, is in fact Movember. That it has nothing to do with cows, or finding a new apartment, is a mystery to me. Does it have anything to do with Febtober?

At this point, I must ask myself if I would have donated to this cause had this friend of mine not chosen to grow a 'stache. The answer is a resounding NO but that doesn't change the fact that he is growing a mustache, and I have already donated a bit of dough. If you would consider doing this also, please click here.

Movember - Sponsor Me

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