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I'm not big into political ranting and raving, mainly because when it comes to arguing about politicians, they all have their strengths and weaknesses (until I become a politician, at which point I will be the first politician ever to be correct on every point). But, if I feel like pointing out a weakness, my finger is very quick to point at this one, which was passed along by my boss.

Ok, so, yes, I do actually work in fruit fly research in Europe, but that's pretty much irrelevant. I don't care if they take away funding for these sorts of things, as long as they have a good reason. And while I'm at it, I think this video represents everything that is wrong with the 'everyman' getting involved in politics. As I posted previously, I agree with my coworker's point that because she doesn't know a lot about all of the political issues, she wants to elect someone who has taken the time to learn about them. It is, in fact, the elected official's job to deal with issues at a much deeper level than the average citizen.

Furthermore, I think that the biggest problem in politics is that some people vote for and do what sounds good, and don't take the time to see how good it actually is. I used to think that this was a primarily Democratic problem, in that someone would say, "Kids in Africa are starving; we need to give them food," and some others would jump on board and they would begin tirades about how we need to help our fellow man, blah blah blah. Republicans are generally more calculating (and cold?). However right the outspoken soft-hearts may be, it doesn't change the fact that a lot, if not more, african children die due to unclean water supplies and poor sanitary conditions in general. And while I am not sure what the truth really is, it very well may be possible that our money could save a lot more lives by cleaning up the water than by simply sending boxes of rice. Either way, it's something we need to think about before millions of dollars are gone.

Sarah Palin's comment in the video is even dumber. Even dumb people should know that doing research on animals and other organisms helps humans. But it is beyond ignorance, to the point of arrogance, that Palin would demean research of fruit flies, and tout her own noble cause: children with special needs. Seriously, did none of Palin's staff tell her that the only viable option according to her train of thought is to breed hundreds of genetically identical autistic children in a lab and then compare them, genetically, to the hundreds of genetically identical non-autistic children we've been breeding in the next room? What I wouldn't give to see her response to that question.

Does Palin also know that our "fly incubator" here in Vienna is completely dark inside except for a light on a timer, which simulates night and day, and that for two years the timer wasn't set right, and the flies were kept in the dark during that entire time? Can you imagine the effect of something like that on autistic children? Sorry, I'm getting morbid here, but I'll leave you with one more word: Gollum.

I hope Palin runs for president in 2012. What a moron.


THE KRIS said...

in no particular order...

1. please don't hope she runs, i just heard a commentator say that she is the most popular republican, and i believe him. which is to say that she's got the inside track for 2012 and doesn't need any help. i don't think i can stand her voice much longer, let alone the stupid stuff she says.

2. i'm sure this isn't news, but people love an oversimplified answer. something that hits them in the gut, makes them say, " yeah, i think that's good/bad too", " i don't understand that either",or "who cares if you've got nine phd's, if i don't get it, it isn't true".

3. you've already got my vote.

4. while i try to maintain my independence, i can't help but notice that one party puts forth candidates that may be far from perfect, but at least tend to be smart, while the other does it's best to find the dumbest people it can. in fact, one of the parties has discovered the genius of the stupid candidate. turns out we actually like voting for someone who is stupid enough to make us feel smart. makes me miss mr. smarty-can't-keep-his-pants-on.

fbg said...

Now check this out:

I don't think that answering the door of your hotel room in a towel is categorically bad, but even circumstantially, most signs point that way.