Link posted by a friend, but worth mentioning again

For a few years now, I've been enthralled with just about everything Google has released. Chrome was the only major disappointment, but only because it isn't compatible with my touchpad, yet. I hear they've got a solution, but it just has to get past quality control and into the next update. Back to the point, Google and its employees don't seem to forget who's using their software, and what they want. They also almost always provide it for free. I don't know how this business model works, but as a customer, I like it.

Probably a big part of the small innovations we see coming from Google are a direct result of the company policy stating that employees should spend a portion of their time working on projects entirely of their own choosing. Thus, many small web applications are both, which were originally conceived on a whim. If you are not aware of this, here it is now: whims are awesome. You don't have to act on whims, but you should acknowledge their existence and their awesomeness. Seriously. Many cool things and cool people have been conceived on a whim. For example. If you didn't click on "example", click here. Got it? Good.

I think that's a perfect example of what people should be doing on a daily basis. How many times have you said, "I would like to do that," but you never get around to doing that? It doesn't matter what that is. One day you should just sit down and do that. Or plan a day to do that, and don't let anyone convince you otherwise. I'm much happier with a few thats in my life, and most of them were conceived on a whim, or a series of similar whims.

That's my pontification for the day.

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