Two chicks at the same time

I'd like to revisit a thought I had yesterday and many times before: assuming money wasn't an issue, is there anything I'd want to do for eight hours per day, every day of the week? In other words: what would I do if i had a million dollars?

Let's make that a million euros because, let's face it, a million dollars won't get you very far these days. But a million 1999 dollars could allow you to do "absolutely nothing", and I think the euro is maybe on par with the 1999 dollar. Let's go on that assumption.

So what would I do? Would I put half of it in bonds and take the other half to my friend in securities... probably, but that's not the point. Two chicks at the same time sounds good, for maybe the first month or two, but afterwards I think I'd get bored of even that. No, seriously.

I like my job, but eight hours per day, five days per week seems a bit much, considering I try to spend ten hours per week running, a few hours eating, a few more hours hanging out with friends, some time reading, and some time writing. Oh, and let's not forget internet time, and random whatever time. Those are important.

To answer the main question, I would probably spend, on average, three hours each day reading, one or two hours writing, two hours eating, two hours running and stretching, two hours hanging out with friends, one hour writing emails and being on Facebook, leaving a few hours for whatever seems appropriate on the given day, and nine or ten hours of sleep.

That's what I would do if I had a million euros. I would think I could hook that up.

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