The writers' strike has been called off

It's been a while, yeah, so this'll be one of those "sorry I haven't posted in a long time" blogs. So self-infatuated. I actually had a few ideas for blog posts, but never got around to writing them. One was about how I saw a lady while I was running near top of one of the hills to the northwest of town. As a reference, this is one of my top ten favorite places to be in Vienna, because the view of the city is awesome, and in the foreground are some of the coolest-looking fields of grapevines. It's an awesome place. But, this lady was walking her two dogs, carrying her Nordic-walking sticks (like ski poles for hiking, but she was on pavement, everyone here has them) in one hand and not using them, and she was talking on her cell phone. I find that
ridiculous, not to mention that she was fully decked-out in tights and a visor, colorful of course. She looked overstimulated to say the least, but for all I know she could have had an iPod in her pocket and a PDA in her other hand. Whatever.

So, just now I was having trouble thinking of what to write for this blog entry. I don't like whining, I don't like egoism, and I don't like people who think they are interesting, but that's what blogging's about, right? That, or passing judgement on something. Ok, so there are wonderfully useful blogs with real topics, but I don't have one of those. I just have a topicless drivelbasket into which I throw my thoughts ever now and then. And I haven't even done that in a few months. So maybe this time I'll just keep it real. What have I done since my last blog post?

My parents came to visit. I broke up with my girlfriend twice. I went home to Ohio for Christmas. I've read four or five novels, gotten a library card for the main library here, went on two dates with two different girls, one of whom is very busy and doesn't like calling me apparently, the other presents no such problems. I am getting deeper and deeper into liking books. I joined and now use www.goodreads.com for book finding and reviewing books, and have decided I want to write some sort of fiction myself. I have advanced my German to the point where I'm not afraid of any situation any more, but I still have trouble understanding movies and TV shows when they speak quickly. I went skiing twice, sledding once, ice skating outside once, and attended a birthday party in a tent in the woods. I have run a new personal best in the 3000m indoor, and I hurt my knee doing it, but not too bad. I have made lots of friends, and become closer with others. I have gone from very sad one day to very happy the next, and written misguided emails to unsuspecting people, and received very welcome and comforting emails from many more people. I have submitted my first scientific paper to conference organizers, but have not heard if it got accepted. I moved into my own apartment, I think a lot about friends in other places, and I am almost positive that Catcher in the Rye is the greatest book ever written.

I hope you (whoever you are; is anyone reading this?) are having a good time.

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